Welcome to the Talio and Tapaau Magalei Reunion Page!!! 

Papa Talio Magalei, being the oldest boy of the family, raised most of his younger siblings. Even when he married nana and started their own family, their children were raised together with their aunts/uncles. It didn't matter their age/generation, they were all raised by a stern "father" who believed in the value of hard work and a loving "mother" who taught them to Love the Lord. We are blessed to have a close-knit relationship with our extended family because of them. 

Papa Talio Magalei passed away on July 4th, 1978. He was only 60 years old. Camilla was the youngest grandchild in Samoa at the time, while Lima was only a few weeks old in California, and Peni was waiting to make her debut into this world in Samoa. Although Papa spoiled his grandkids, it was Nana who got to spend the majority of her life surrounded by her grandkids and great grandkids. While our parents went to work, Nana was tasked with watching the young ones and then the older kids who met at her house after school. Holidays were usually spent in her home. Hence why we called ourselves "Nana's brats". Although uncle Pouli, uncle Kaleolagi, and aunty Lila's families lived off-island, we always looked forward to their visits especially when we got to see our cousins. 

On December 22nd, 2015, Nana took her last breath on this earth. She was finally reunited with our Papa and her son Kaleolagi Magalei in addition to other family members on the other side of the veil. It was decided that at her 1-year anniversary/unveiling, we would hold our 1st Talio and Tapaau Magalei reunion in Mapusaga Fou, American Samoa. 

On June 30th-July 5th 2019, we will be hosting the 2nd Talio and Tapaau Magalei reunion in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are excited to see everyone and also get to know Uncle Fa'amamata and aunty Alofa's branch who graciously accepted the invitation to join us. UTAH's committee is ready!!!! Come prepared to have a lot of fun and make tons of memories!
Our theme for this year's reunion is LOVE, LIGHT & LEGACY! It is our hope for everyone at the reunion to remember:
1- Live in love (our nana's daily prayers and counsels always consisted of us living in love and peace),
2- Share your light (be a light and shining example to those around you),
3- and Leave behind a legacy (it is up to us to continue the amazing legacy left by our ancestors and that our posterity learns and lives by their legacy).

"Nonofo i le Alofa, faasoa lou Malamalama ma tu'u lou Talaaga."
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